Yvonne Gougelet

#OccupyWallStreet is in @TIME Magazine! #owsnews

Crazy news guys, not only did Occupy Wall Street make it in TIME Magazine, but they used my photo!!! I love the quote they used too! We’ve all been working really hard at trying to rebuild the World we want, so this is great that TIME covered it. It’s an international magazine!!! I’ve been working my little butt of doing political street theater, to try to lift everyone’s spirits. There is nothing greater than seeing a delirious, hard working, fellow protester laugh from my performances. I’ve been learning from everyone, having the most incredible conversation and finding HOPE that WE THE PEOPLE will make this a better country and planet!

All day, all week, occupy Wall Street. Yes we camp! Vive le Revolution! For our future, for our children’s future.

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